Thermos Bottle

Thermos Bottle


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温水 – 21°C~45°C
烫水 – 46°C~99°C
Smart cup
Warm water – 21°C~45°C
Hot water – 46°C~99°C
12 hours heat preservation and cold preservation

Note 注意事项
-Do not place it next to the heat source, so as not to affect the use of the function
-Avoid any form of direct heating, so as not to cause damage to the vacuum layer and deformation of plastic parts, discoloration
-Minors, please use with the help of adults to avoid crushing and scalding
-If you add dry ice, carbonated drinks, etc., you must prevent the liquid from splashing and hurting people or the lid cannot be opened due to the increase in internal pressure
-When cleaning, pay attention to the unloading and installation of the sealing ring and other accessories, so as not to affect the use
-When holding milk, juice, and milk beverages, they can only be stored for a short time. Long-term constant temperature storage can easily cause food deterioration
-After opening the lid, always check whether the silicone sealing ring in the lid falls off. If it falls off, it must be reinstalled to avoid water leakage after the lid is closed, which may cause burns.