Rose Gel Powder Mask

Rose Gel Powder Mask

This hydra boost mask quenches dry skin instantly. It boosts hydration for softer, smoother, and visibly healthier-looking skin. It seals hydrating formula into your skin for optimal absorption of other skincare products.

含有豐富的天然保濕因子,鎖水效果持久,均衡皮膚水分。可以改善肌膚膚色, 令肌膚更具光澤,使肌膚年輕有活力。


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Rich in natural moisturizing factor, it retains long-lasting water and balances skin moisture. It can improve skin tone, make skin more radiant, and make skin young and energetic.

含有豐富的天然保濕因子,鎖水效果持久,均衡皮膚水分。可以改善肌膚膚色, 令肌膚更具光澤,使肌膚年輕有活力。

What it’s for

This product is ideal for dry skin types


Great for skin types

  • Dry skin
  • 干性肌肤

How to apply

Add in 2 scoops of powder mask and 1 scoop of filtered water. Stir well and apply on entire face. Tear off after 15-20 minutes, follow by your daily skincare. (spoon & spatula are provided)



  • Skin hydrating
  • Regenerate cells & skin
  • Maintain skin’s natural water retention
  • Improve skin tone
  • 锁水保湿
  • 增强修复能力
  • 保持肌肤水份平衡
  • 改善肌肤肤色


  • Glycerin
    -Renew skin cell and oil balance, lock water and moisturize skin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
    -Water solubility of hyaluronic acid
  • 甘油
  • 透明质酸钠

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